An Open “No Confidence” Letter to Senator Lieberman: race-baiting the Fort Hood tragedy is unacceptable.

Dear Senator Lieberman,

In direct defiance of the Army’s top brass and its Commander-in-Chief,  you have effectively race-baited the recent tragedy at Ford Hood by publicly stating that:

“Dr. Hasan had become an Islamist extremist and, therefore,… this was a terrorist act”

President Obama and Army Chief of Staff General George Casey cautioned Americans against jumping to conclusions until law enforcement officials investigate the shootings and gather the facts. They imparted this advice out of concerns that such actions would incite a backlash against Muslims serving in the Armed Forces.

Your decision to ignore this call for cautious introspection is civically irresponsible act of insurrection and reflects terribly on your position as a both a member of the Committee on Armed Services and The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

You are chiefly responsible for overseeing The Department of Homeland Security, who’s stated mission is to “secure the nation from the many threats we face”. The first line of defense against these threats is our military, and the key to its success is its ability to function as a cohesive unit. Your comments threaten that cohesion by potentially inciting racist tension within our Armed Forces.

Otherwise put, your unnecessarily inflammatory remarks hinder our military’s ability to protect us from our enemies and, in effect, pose the very same type of threat to our Nation that the Department of Homeland Security is charged with protecting us from.

You are evidently negligent in your sworn duties and, as such, are incapable of handling the responsibilities entrusted to you. It is therefor requested that you resign your chairmanship of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and remove yourself from the Committee on Armed Services, effective immediately.

The Undersigned


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