Joe Lieberman, The Shameless Opportunist

lieberman31 CVN Lieberman GOP Convention
In one horrendous display of masochistic spinelessness, the Democratic Party has single-handedly destroyed whatever dignity it earned through it’s recent electoral victories. Their specific mistake: rewarding Joe Lieberman’s shameless apostasy by allowing him to retain his undeserved chairmanship of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Joe Lieberman’s Faginesque opportunism first manifested itself in 2006 when, after being disowned by Connecticut’s Democrats, he served his own interests over theirs by campaigning as an Independent with the endorsement, financial support, and votes of Republicans.

Having failed to secure his future as a Democrat, Joe Lieberman crossed party lines and looked to the Republican Party for career advancement. Even though he endorsed and tireless campaigned for John McCain, Joe Lieberman failed to brown nose his way onto the Republican Presidential Ticket.

John McCain wanted to name Joe Lieberman as his running mate, but was dissuaded by influential Republicans who objected to Joe Lieberman’s posturing on abortion and gay rights issues.

Despite his failed attempts to run as the vice-presidential candidate for both the Democratic and Republican parties, Joe Lieberman’s mercenary loyalty remains unpunished simply because Joe Lieberman tacitly threatened to withdraw his support for the Democrats. Again. Specifically, Joe Lieberman suggested that losing the chairmanship of the homeland security panel would “be unacceptable to him”.

This veiled threat provoked Democrats’ fears that stripping Joe Lieberman of his chairmanships and expelling him from the Democratic caucus would inspire him to align himself with the Republicans. Again. Without Joe Lieberman’s support, the Democrats do not have the filibuster-proof majority needed in the Senate.

In a specious display of convenient rhetoric, Joe Lieberman referred to the Democratic caucus as “a roomful of friends”, apologized for the statements he made about Barack Obama in the ‘heat of a campaign’, and suggested that “it’s time to move on”.

Well, that settles it then. At least, until he’s up for re-election in 2012


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